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'FREEHOPE' by EPOCH 'Succubus' by POOCHY 'The Nanta Project' Part 1 by EPOCH 'Spermaliens' Part 5 by Jag27
'Android' Part 2 by POOCHY 'Bonan' Part 3 by POOCHY 'Dragon Rider' Part 5 by POOCHY 'Fetish Island' Part 4 by POOCHY 'Desperate Housewife' Part 2 by POOCHY 'Fourth World' Part 2 by Otto Maddox

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More perverted erotic comics from Jag27's "The Fall of Innocence" - Like big milky titties?

Greetings erotic comics fans,

Here's a sample gallery of one of Jag27's newer series titled "The Fall of Innocence".

This comic covers the niches: big tit comics (especially big droopy, milk-filled titties that Jag27 seems to love!), preggo comics, mature comics, and fatty comics.

Enjoy these samples then Get Inside for more of the best comics series on the Web!

Posted: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 09:45:47 -0500

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